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Hit Your Numbers | Get your Big Bonus

Need an A-Player?

Find Yourself BabySitting Your Team?

Constantly having to make sure the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted. Perhaps you are personally taking up the slack for certain team members?

Stress Decreasing Your Quality of Life?

Living with stress sucks for you and the people around you. Let us take the task of filling this sales role off of your list. Breath easier and get the sales leader you need now.

Been burned by past recruiters?

Unfortunately, over-promising and under-delivering happen far too often the world of recruiting. We promise to deliver and we have a 90-day Re-Placement guarantee.

Getting lots of heat from above?

The pressure to grow fast is always there. You need team members that can make quota and keep the heat off of you while also propelling the company forward.

Miss your bonus last year?

We know that a big portion of your personal income is tied to hitting numbers. Let’s make sure you hit those numbers this year by adding the A-Player you need.

Dismiss The CEO's Call when it comes?

When things aren’t going well it’s human nature to go into denial and to procrastinate. Stop dismissing the CEO’s call and hit this problem square in the nose.

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Top Level Placements


of candidates move on to interview

The Point Blank Promise

We understand the pressure you’re under. So we promise not to waste your time with candidates that won’t help you hit your numbers, breath easier, and get your big bonus.

We double qualify candidates by verifying W-2s and executing background checks before you ever get a resume from us.

We also promise to have candidates within 2 weeks and if things don’t work out, we offer a 90 Day Replacement Guarantee.

We Double Qualify Candidates

We double qualify to ensure we don’t waste your time. We insist on verifying the last 2 years of W2s and we insist on background checks.

We Promise Candidates within 2 Weeks

If within two weeks we don’t have qualified candidates we will stop everything and evaluate the formula that we’ve put together.

We Offer A 90 Replacement Guarantee

From time to time for various reasons things just don’t work out. If that happens (we don’t think it will) we promise we’ll get to work on a Replacement if after 90 days you’re not happy.

Here’s How We Do it

The Point Blank Process is proven. We’ve been doing it for 19 years. We know you don’t have the time or bandwidth to mess around with processes that don’t work.

Everything we do is intentional. Our discovery session is designed to uncover your “Big Three”. The “Big Three” are those things you absolutely have to have. Everyone has them and it’s our job to draw that out.

When we understand the “Big Three” and both parties agree we will execute what we call a 2-Week Blitz. During those 2 Weeks we will find qualified candidates. If we don’t…something is off and at that point we’ll push pause and reevaluate things.

From time to time for various reasons things just don’t work out. If that happens (we don’t think it will) we promise we’ll get to work on a Replacement if after 90 days you’re not happy.


Discovery Session

We’ll have a 30-45 minute call to uncover what your biggest needs. Those needs will drive our effort in locating your A-Player

2 Week Blitz

We go to work. We may already have your candidate in our network. If we don’t…the network provides qualified candidates for your search. We promise to have candidates in 2 weeks. If we don’t…we re-evaluate.

Get the Sales Leader You Need

Taking you from frustrated, worried, and stressed out to confident, breathing easier, and hitting your numbers is what we do. Let us guide you to a win!