Pareto’s Principle (the 80/20 rule) applies to all industries, including yours. Twenty percent of the salespeople are driving 80% of the revenue. The difficult challenge is identifying which of the 20% that happen to be exploring their options. Read More

The first 50% of our job is identifying the top candidate available in your space. Once you’ve interviewed and determined that you definitively want the candidate, the other 50% of our job is ensuring that they end up working with you and not your competition.

We provide a hands-on service throughout the entire process, including but not limited to:

  • Identifying your core must-haves in a viable candidate
  • Thoroughly screening the candidate before submitting their info to you (Over 82% of all the candidates we have submitted have been interviewed by our clients.)
  • Debriefing the candidate after each and every interview and submitting the feedback to you
  • Maintaining consistent contact with the candidate in order to identify any hidden objections or concerns
  • Providing you with updates regarding other companies courting the candidate
  • Negotiating the offer on your behalf
  • Addressing any and all fears that come with a job change
  • Walking the candidate through the resignation process, including squashing any potential counter offer

We best accomplish all of this by following the guidelines in our Help-Me-Help-You Document.